3 best ideas for rehearsal dinner

Rehearsal dinner is certainly the preparatory phrase for the biggest event of your life; while the wedding planners gear up to make the most of everything and chock down all niche details to design a wedding event that suits the best fairy-tale dream. You can think of ways to emphasize the charm and add a unique appeal to your rehearsal dinner party. And we can enlighten you with tips that will not just glorify but also make this event of rehearsal dinner a golden framed moment on the canvas of your beautiful life; perhaps the feast to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in life. An impeccable rehearsal dinner is as much crucial as the perfect  wedding scene when you say “I do “, the thousands of itemising that you’ve flared in your thoughts for years has to come alive to narrate the story of this divine unison. Besides the elaborate menu and great food a dinner needs a theme to exaggerate the purpose of the event.


Let’s start with discussing the possible themes you can choose to embellish the rehearsal dinner a night before your wedding.

The timeless classic style

There is still no alternative to the sweet traditional sit-down dinner with near and dear ones. It apparently do not require a specialise theme except for the fact that are mostly hosted at later hours of evening at the “to be newly-wed” couple’s residential premises. Now days however people mostly opt for the best calm yet sophisticated restaurant in the vicinity for rehearsal dinners. Make sure the desert is as bountiful as the main course with different types of chocolates and pastries to less calorie fruit sandwiches. Chances are your guests will at least join in for the dessert party before the feast concludes. Especially if you are hosting a function at a venue in Melbourne or even celebrating your xmas party in the city, you have to choose the right classic choices for desserts and sandwiches.

The funky barbecue:

How about a gathering for Sunday brunch as a rehearsal dinner? The not too flashy outdoor settings decorated with plain white sheets and curtains at your garden area during daytime or be-seated in patio lighted up with homemade scented candles under starry night. A relaxed ambience with contemporary playlist and cookout favourites likes burgers, mac n cheese; and definitely grilled variety with caprese salad in menu. You can also select a roof top eatery nearby with wild flowers bunched up in galvanised tin pails and printed tablecloth. Just ensure you’re off the local monsoon days on calendar while deciding the wedding date. Aagaman restaurant – Melbourne is one such company popular in offering special catering types like south indian catering , indian food catering in Melbourne.


The beach imitation:

Mimic a beach as the theme for your rehearsal dinner. Give your guests a little feel of the exotic beach vibes with the splashing water against the sultry heat radiating surrounding; keep them guessing if you and your beloved plan to elope to some tropical land for your honeymoon. Add on surfboards instead of tables; arrange for serving tantalising cocktails and Lobster Bake for everyone to nosh on. Elaborate the beach detailing with deep pit wood-fire top lined with rocks and pile up some pina coladas. For fun have your guests write in ideas for things to do on your honeymoon and present the messages in glass bottles or flip-flops, as an activity to spice up the already plugged evening.


Host a lavish rehearsal dinner as “jimmy valentine” would prefer for his pre-wedding bash, inspired from Monte Carlo affair; spurge different wines blends, best of Shiraz or all chardonnay. The present generation at times prefer not too spendthrift casual catch up at some nearby pub with spread out dance floor. Execution of a rehearsal dinner over a match at some nearby stadium, followed by dinning later at some tasteful joint in neighbourhood is very much prevalent.

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