How to Choose Gluten Free Pasta Recipes

Gluten Free Pasta

Who says you can’t enjoy classic Italian food even if you have to avoid foods that contain wheat or gluten? I believe anyone who enjoys this type of cuisine should be able to truly enjoy authentic old-fashioned Italian cooking, no matter their dietary restrictions. But what about people who want to create authentic, fresh, gluten free pasta at home? In this series, we’ll be sharing an easy recipe for making gluten free pasta at home. This will definitely add some flare to your next dinner party!

First, you need to find some gluten-free, Italian pasta dough. The best choice is a wheat-free wheat pasta dough, which has the same texture and strength as regular flour. If possible, it should also have a bit more stretchability than regular flour. You can find both brand name and generic versions online, in specialty food stores, and at large grocery stores like Whole Foods. Make sure you read the label carefully to determine the ingredients.

Another option is to use xanthan gum instead of flour. Xanthan gum can be purchased in bulk (or even in minute quantities) at any health food store or even in a vitamin or herb store. If you don’t have it on hand, look for xanthan gum mixes that include flax seed oil and other beneficial ingredients. For gluten-free fresh pasta recipes, you can substitute xanthan gum for part of the wheat flour. You may need to experiment to get the consistency and thickness you desire.

Another option for gluten-free pasta is rice, which is one of the easiest ways to get the same feel and taste of fresh pasta. For a delicious gluten-free pasta recipe, try using almond or coconut milk. One alternative is to use tapioca starch, which is derived from the dried fruit. For extra health benefits, eat raw uncooked rice.

For some quick and easy and tasty gluten-free fresh pasta, toss together some veggies and toss in your favorite herbs such as basil, garlic, oregano, or Rosemary. Bake the pasta in a saucepan, using olive oil or butter. When pasta is done, serve it with your favorite sauce and cheese. This dish is easy and delicious, but does take time and preparation. You do not have to purchase extra ingredients and cook it over a high heat. If you want to try something different, experiment by mixing in different types of cheeses or herbs.

For another great option for gluten-free pasta, try making your own pizza dough. All you need is a pasta machine, which will make the process easy and fast. Simply combine all the ingredients for your pizza dough and place the dough in the machine. On the Home Menu, look for the option of selecting a crust, which can be either xanthan gum or rice crumbs.

There are so many different pasta recipes available today. There are many choices to suit your taste, depending on what type of flavors you are looking for and what you like to eat. You can choose from different types of sauces, which will add more flavor to your pasta dishes. If you are not a fan of sauces, choose one that you enjoy such as marinara. Just remember that your pasta dishes should be flavorful and healthy at the same time.

These are just some of the healthy options you have for gluten-free pasta dishes. If you are having trouble choosing from the hundreds of gluten recipes out there, just remember what your options are and what you like. In no time, you will find that you have a whole new range of delicious dishes to choose from! You will definitely adore the new range of foods you can prepare for your loved ones.