Job as an Event Planner

Amongst every social group, you are able to find that one individual who seems to take initiative to plan and coordinate parties and events. In the professional industry you get the same occupation with a more formal title known as an “Event Planner”. An event planner is usually a very outgoing, social, a very well connected individual with a large network of connections and must possess the skill of planning, organizing and executing an event successfully. He or she must gather enough experience to be deemed as a good event planner and they get paid quite well. They also have the possibility of having to travel to different destinations for different requirements of the events.

Fun and easy – but it can be challenging!

Being an event planner is fun and interesting but not as easy as it looks. Most businesses and individuals reach out to event planners when they need to host a social or cooperate event. Following upon the request, it is the event planners duty to follow through from the planning stage of the event to the clean up after the night of the event and make sure it is run smoothly starting from choosing the appropriate location, hiring caterers, planning the entertainment, and providing a look and feel of how the event would look like and creating the budget. This is a huge responsibility for the event planner and the team as the client’s requirements must be fulfilled and seen through successfully.

There will be hours in the office!

An event planner spends a lot of time at the office, or rather on their computers or their phone speaking with clients, drawing up contracts, planning the schedules, negotiating and coordinating back and forth with the necessary parties. They have to make sure that the guests have a good time and that everything is up to detail.

What are the skills you need to succeed?

To be a successful event planner there are few skills that he or she must possess. Communication is a very important skill set to have. Their main role is to communicate with the client and make sure that the client’s requirements are very well understood and the idea is properly conveyed. If there are any issues to be resolved they need to have good talking skills to approach them. They also deal with suppliers, other services, contractors, therefore, good interpersonal skills are required and a good working relationship must be maintained with everyone. There can be instances where it can be very stressful during an event as there could be chances of something going wrong. Proper requirements may not be met therefore event planners must be able to stay calm and collected under pressure before, during and after an event.

Maximising the best of technology!

At present everything from the planning stage to the organising is done with the use of computers and electronic devices. Therefore being tech savvy makes your job quite easier, saves time and information can be stored for later use. Event coordinators will need to have good negotiation skills to talk about cost with clients and negotiate with other contractors and suppliers. There are so much of content and information discussed at meetings, therefore, the event planner must be organised with information and have everything noted down for future reference.

Get the best team around you!

All in all having a reliable team helps you to delegate the work and be more productive. In the end, the goal is to make the clients happy by the services you provide. This will lead to gaining a larger customer base and building up your career in this particular field to be a successful event planner. As long as you are passionate about your work and enjoy what you do, you will be able to be successful.

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